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A peek into the film Blue Mbombo will feature in

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Exclusive Behind The Scenes Photos with Blue Mbombo

behind the scenes blue

behind the scenes blue

behind the scenes blue

behind the scenes blue

Join Kacey Moore as he Blesses The Mic - More Details in the poster

BlessTheMic RELAUNCH this Saturday 4th July @ Champs Bar, Paloma, Ring Road From 8pm. GHC20 gets you in.

Join Kacey Moore as he Blesses The Mic - More Details in the poster


Big Brother Africa Star, Huddah Munroe from Kenya who is fond of posting sexy photos of herself on Instagram decided to share photos of her young and rich boyfriend who has been funding her lavish lifestyle as she was tired of being accused of sleeping with old men.
See below the photos she shared.

Remember BBA’s Tatiana? Vimbai Mutinhiri Catches Up with Her on ‘Discover Luxe’ as they Explore Eastern Cape

Ever wondered what happened to Big Brother Africa housemate “in-house wild child” Tatiana from Angola?

Find out this Friday, with Discover Luxe and Vimbai Mutinhiri on Star Gist; Africa Magic channel 151 @7pm.

Tatiana and Vimbai explore the beautiful province of Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Stay tuned to Discover Luxe; Africa Magic channel 151 every Friday at 7:00pm on Star Gist; for all the exciting new episodes and the recaps. Adopted from Bellenaija

Join BBMzansi stars Mandlexi & NtomAce for the ultimate Durban July pre-party in Cappello this Friday

Join BBMzansi stars Mandlexi & NtomAce for the ultimate Durban July pre-party in Cappello this Friday

Mzansi's Blue Mbombo is shooting a New movie

blue mbombo mzansi

One of the finalists from the second season of Big Brother Mzansi, Thandi Blue Mbombo is setting her sights on the big time!

The Diski Diva star and lover to her teammate Katlego ‘K2′ Mabusela, has landed an acting job.

The 25 year old model is currently busy shooting a movie.

She shared the good news on twitter and also hinted with a picture, check below:

Oneal Madumo changes name to Oneal Africa

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Ace and Mandla, Big Brother Mzansi Winners Generously donate their Money to Charity

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Ace and Mandla Donate To Charity

ace mandla donate

Big Brother Mzansi 1 and 2 winners Mandla and Ace respectively took time off their busy schedules and donated to charity a number of items ranging from basics to bedding. The details of their gesture will be availed shortly.

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"I Did Not Win Big Brother Mzansi Because I was Building my Relationship" - Bongi


Big Brother Mzansi housemate Khali Masooane reveals that part of the reason she didn’t win was that she and boyfriend Bongi were too focused on building their relationship instead of the partnership inside the house. In between the gasps and thought-provoking revelations, she concedes that the show has opened a lot of doors that would have taken longer to open. Despite not winning, the lessons learnt from the house and the experience seems to have given Khali thicker skin and that is priceless.
BBAKenya : Please tell us about yourself?
Khali: I’m weird… I’m like catch 22.  I’m very introverted in terms of friends, I have a close-nit circle and family, I’m a tad more extroverted in terms of loudness. I’m a lot more loud.
BBAKenya : You once said that you didn’t have any strategy going inside the house. In retrospect, which strategy could have won you the 2 million?
Khali: I think if Bongi and I had more drama. I guess playing the game in the context of ‘Oh is the trouble in paradise, are they okay?’ That game makes people keep you around and see whats going on.
BBAKenya : You walked in with just 3 months under your belt. Did you fear that he could meet someone new inside the house?
Khali: What I’ve learnt about Bongi is that he is horrendously lazy especially when it comes to relationship. That’s why he’s been a bachelour damn near all his life. I’ve told him before. I would worry when I saw the next group of girls coming in and then literally in two minutes in he’s not even flinching.
BBAKenya : Do you think you would have done better or worse with a stranger?
Khali: It might have been better… with a relationship anything that happens it bothers you. It would have been easier and more fun with a stranger.
BBAKenya : What has been the strangest question, statement you received after coming out of the house?
Khali: I remember our first night out of the house and I kind of skimmed through twitter and there was someone who said ‘I’m glad they are out they were always in love’. it was annoying. I was like what does this guy mean, how are you always in love? I’m sorry I was in love.
BBAKenya : Have you spoke about babies with your partner?
Khali: (Screams) Kinda, us talking about babies is always in passing. Ain’t nobody ready for 10 babies.
QuenchSA Khali Interview
A teary Khali finds solace in the fact that the Big Brother House brought her closer to Bongi
BBAKenya : In the event that you do have a baby and you were compelled to choose a housemate’s name what name would you give a girl and what name would you give a boy?
Khali: I like Blue’s Mozambican name Azul, it’s a very beautiful name for a girl, and it’s between Pumba because that’s a very cute name if you have a chubby baby then you winning for days or Abongile.
BBAKenya : Were you ever bothered by the shower scenes?
Khali: No, we actually had this conversation in the house. When we arrived in the morning Thembi and I took a bath and we were chilling in there flourishing just like you normally bath at home. I’m relatively cool with my body. Now the problem arose when the second batch came in and I remember taking a bath with Blue. K2 came in and asked Blue something and that was fine because that was Blue’s partner but he saw me naked and that kind of bothered me because I’m here with my boyfriend and it’s kind of not cool to be seen naked by some other guys. That’s when I started wearing the bikini. It was never a case of ‘Oh my God, my boob’, no I could be bothered. Had that feeling not arose then you would have seen me popping in the shower hour I’m not even gonna lie.
BBAKenya : Do you think you had the nicest butt in the house?
Khali: Yes. Personally, the girls that had the biggest butt were Blue, Mbali and I. Because I squat and work out I’m biased, I had the nicest butt.
BBAKenya : Having entered the BB House as a couple, what did you learn about your partner that you still find difficult to grapple with?
Khali: Everything I learnt about him in the house does not have a direct reflection on him outside the house. A lot of things he did in the house he doesn’t do outside the house. For instance he eats a lot  and I was fine with it but other people weren’t. But outside the house he eats a lot then works out. Inside the house he was lazy outside the house he’s not he a very hard working guy.
BBAKenya : We are mindful that it was a game but did it ever get personal?
Khali: Yes it did get personal with one specific person. It got personal with Matt.
BBAKenya : Do you have any idea who is Big Brother?
Khali: I would love to know. I just know that he’s someone with a handsomely big voice. He’s voice is so distinct you’d associate it if you ever met him.
BBAKenya : Do you believe that a person’s struggle or background has any bearing on them winning the competition?
Khali: I think it’s not so much sad story as it is relation. People from a certain background stick together because they understand that lifestyle and understand the hardship of that background. if i see someone that kind of looks and sounds like me I’m more incline to lean towards him whereas someone I could a cheese girl or a cheese boy. You don’t know the struggle; you’ll be okay after this. I think its relation because we not where we need to be as a society as a whole I don’t see a ‘cheese girl/boy’ flourishing anytime soon but it also correlates to do the masses like you. The people who won were very entertaining even in the house. To a certain extent that also has an impact whether cheese boy or not are you entertaining, that’s number one.
BBAKenya What is Khali up to right now?
Khali: Khali is on a path, and a lot of what shes doing is at level one but what I can say is there are going to be a few thing that are gonna come out people are going to be shocked I’m doing. I’m taking steps into the music scene, I don’t rap, I sing. I’ve set personal targets that I don’t want to jinx. I joined an agency, been doing a lot of auditions, I’ve started writing. So ya, I’m doing this and that and other things.
Adopted from QuenchSA

After K2 with Lepara, Mbali Nkosi Set To Drop a new Single titled "RAIN"

Mbali Releases new song  "Rain". 

mbali nkosi rain

Big Brother Mzansi 2 finalist Mbali finally released her much anticipated single "Rain" and YFM, a popular Mzansi radio station was one of the first stations to play it.

Mbali used social media to update her fans that she will be shooting a video to the single. She said the event will be open and anyone interested can join her. Read her post on SM..
"Shooting my music video today at: Address: Oasis Lonehill Lodge, 31Mulbarton Road, Beverly AH. Lonehill 2191, Sandton. Please come through with ALL your mates and support ❤ will be heavily appreciated!
Time: 12 to late
ITS GONNA BE A PARTY! So come through with your drinks and hubbly. The look is a college party," she said.
The link to the single will be availed shortly, keep it BBAKenya.com

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